Commander Rod

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High end premium rods that won't break the bank!

Commander Rods are made of high modules IM8 quality graphite for extreme sensitivity. Rods are built with a soft sensitive tip to feel the lightest bite and a solid backbone to conquer any species of fish.

Recoil guides that are wrapped and sealed for better strength and stability for fighting those trophy fish.

Premium Quality Grade-A Cork.  Meaning easier to clean without causing large pores, crumbling, or deaden sensitivity. Cork handles are 5 1/4"L x 1 1/4" dia.

Commander Rods are available in:

28" light action: With a quick tip and more backbone to use a little bigger jig or a slip bobber setup.

32" med-light action: This commander gives you a little more length and backbone to jig lures and spoons of for use with a larger minnows on a slip bobber setup. It has the muscle and an incredibly sensitive tip for fish with teeth.