Insta Traction

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Extreme Traction for Emergency Situations in Snow, Ice and Mud. Intsa Traction products have been designed and built to attach and remove in seconds and withstand repeated use in rugged terrain and the most extreme conditions. Steel construction, heavy duty steel ratchet and reinforced straps. Big Gripper also comes with 2 adhesive backed felt pads that are to be placed on the back of the ratchet to prevent rim scuff. Insta traction is available in two sizes and come as a set of 2.

Lil Gripper- use for Cars, Crossovers, small SUV's, ATV's and UTV's

Big Gripper- use for Large SVU's, 1/2 ton- 1 ton and larger


* Steel constructed, Heavy duty ratchets and strap

* Simple installation- takes seconds to install and remove

* Can be installed over tire chains for extra bite.

* Cost effective. Pays for itself after just one use.

* 2 Grippers per set

* Patented


Box Contains:

2 gripper cleats

2 ratchets with straps

2 adhesive felt pads