MarCum MX 7 GPS Lithium Equipped

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The Marcum MX-7GPS Lithium Equipped GPS/Sonar System is a sonar and GPS combination unit for ice fishing. The MX-7GPS features a True-Time 7" LCD display that provides clear readouts in true real-time with no lag or latency. The single-frequency sonar and patented interference rejection provide precise targets and enhanced clarity, while the internal GPS receiver and onboard Navionics® basemap give you plenty of information about the area. The MX-7GPS is powered by a dual-beam precision digital sonar engine that delivers industry-leading target separations you can discern fish from the bottom, fish from other fish, and even fish from your jig. The ultimate in sonar and mapping technology, the Marcum MX-7GPS GPS/Sonar System offers exceptional clarity in a ready-to-fish unit.


  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple depth modes
  • Portable carrying case
  • Navionics® basemap onboard
  • Advanced lithium battery lasts for days
  • Comes fully assembled and ready-to-fish
  • Single-frequency sonar offers precise targets
  • Moveable zoom anywhere in the water column
  • True-Time 7" LCD Display offers a true real-time display
  • Patented interference rejection for incredible clarity and acuity
  • Internal GPS receiver with smoother tracking and exacting detail
  • On-screen display shows any combination of GPS, vertical, flasher, and graph
  • Dual-beam Precision Digital Sonar Engine for industry-leading target separation


  • Model #: MX-7GPS
  • Sonar Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Resolution: 800 x 470 pixels
  • Transducer Cable Length: 8 ft.
  • Peak to Peak Power: 4800 Watt
  • Target Separation: Down to 1/2"
  • Dynamic Depth Capability: 300 ft.
  • Cone Angle: Dual-beam 8/20 degree
  • Selectable Zoom Windows: 5', 10', 20', 40'
  • Display: True-Time 7" LCD, Luminance up to 1,000 nits
  • GPS: Internal receiver, Navionics® basemap pre-loaded