Quick Clamp Rod Holder

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The Quick Clamp Rod Holder features the simplicity of use, ease of adjustment, and long lasting durability that meets the needs of any fishing enthusiast. Simply snap the Quick Clamp Rod holder onto a vertical, horizontal or angled support, adjust to desired angle and slide handle of fishing pole into tee. SIMPLE AS THAT.

The Quick Clamp Rod holder will keep your favorite fishing rig off the ice, off the ground, off the dock and within easy reach to set the hook on that big one. No more chance of your expensive fishing rig getting stepped on or kicked in the water, and admit it we all have done that once or twice. Whether you are sitting in your winter fish house or in your favorite chair on the dock, the Quick Clamp Rod holder will keep your fishing pole high and dry.

Flat mounts affix with double-faced tape and pre-drilled mounting screw holes provided for fast and secure mounting anywhere! (mounting screws not included).

Available in 1/2", 3/4" round, 3/4" square, and flat.