Sven's Sleeve Hole Sleeve and Safety Cover For Portables, Bucket Fishing or Homemade

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The First True Flush Mount Ice Fishing Hole Cover and Sleeve System to be used directly on the ice in your portable, on a bucket, or homemade shack. Protect your kids, phones and other valuables from falling down the hole.

Sven's Sleeve Direct to Ice fit's 8" and 10" holes.  Sven's Sleeve inserts about 4" into the ice with a bottom hole dimension of 7.40". Just drill your hole, drop the sleeve in and begin fishing.

The cover system can accommodate multiple electronics that may be used in your hole at the same time.  With five access points, four that are specifically designed for your electronics, you can place your electronics at varying positions around your hole. The significant advantage of the Sven Sleeve is that it has 360 degrees support on the bottom and sides of the over, allowing full support that will keep the cover from slipping out of the sleeve.

Available in Clear or smoke covers, both allow you to still see your bobber but allows you to choose the amount of light going down your hole. 

The Cover is made of  Lexan and the Sleeve a high density plastic. 


Made in Maple Grove, MN